Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Accidental 8-Minute Masterpiece

Maximus did 8 runs on his snowboard down the bunny hill at Keystone Resort today, so when we got home he was STARVING. So hungry he was asking for "mac en tease en bean en wice en nolk (milk)". We didn't have any boxed Annie's mac and cheese, so I whipped some up myself.

No joke, this took less than 8 minutes. (The power-boil feature on my stove made it speedy)

I'm a weirdo about dairy and I hate using a lot of it. It makes me sick, but not the others that live here, so they get to taste my experiments...I don't know if that's a good or bad thing? I had a half bag of some weird spinach and beet pasta spirals, so I boiled that and then added the following after I drained it:

1 tbsp Light Earth Balance spread
1 crushed up vegan chicken bouillon cube (used as "cheese" powder)
a tiny splash of unsweetened soy milk
a pinch of sharp white cheddar (maybe a tbsp total, or less)
a heavy pinch of Daiya (this stuff is epic)
Mix it all together and it gets all stringy and gooey like mac and cheese. Maximus devoured it saying, "Mama make mac en tease scwatch...me wuv taste!" Maximus approved.